Mystery Solved: Home Security Cam Reveals Who's Been Filling Kid's Training Toilet

September 13, 2019


This is a short home security cam video from a man who, returning from work at 5AM, was confused to see a turd in his son's potty training toilet. In his own words while I look into getting a toilet installed in my living room:

"I got home from work at 5 am and noticed poop in my son's training toilet and thought that's weird how did my wife miss this? I checked the cameras and this is what I found."

SPOILER: The dog did it. I don't know, maybe somebody should take that dog for a walk right before bedtime. Although I guess now you don't have to, but your living room is always going to stink.

Keep going for the video while I make the conscious decision to not watch security cam footage to solve any pooping mysteries.

Thanks to Andy, who informed me he trained a cat to use the toilet but didn't train it to flush. Man, nothing worse than walking in on a turd in the bowl.

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