Man Opens Can Of Heinz Beans To Find Only A Single Bean Inside

September 11, 2019


41-year old Steve Smith of Bristol, England was recently preparing himself one of the saddest meals I can think of when he opened his Heinz Baked Beans dinner and discovered just a single bean floating aimlessly in a sea of tomato sauce (for reference, an average can contains around 465). He then made a video and later posed for some pictures with the lone bean because clearly he wasn't that hungry to begin with. Me? I would have devoured that bean like it was the last bean on earth, which it could have been. All the cans produced after might have been only sauce for all he knew.

"I got back late from a meeting and wanted some food. I poured out the tin and I found one bean," Smith recalled.

"I thought it was funny - but annoying! It was the last tin we had in the cupboard," he continued. "I had to have scrambled egg instead."

He posted a video of the find on Twitter and tagged manufacturer Heinz.

It said: "Hi @HeinzUK. I enjoy "bean juice" as much as the next person, but when I opened a can this evening I was hoping for more than one bean."

Personally I would have opted for the scrambled eggs before the can of beans, but that's just me and I only eat Bush's Baked Beans anyways, which I could make myself if I really wanted since I know the secret recipe because I'm a dog whisperer.

Keep going for a short video of Steve sadly stirring his bean.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees Steve should have been thankful he got a bean at all.

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