Let's Go Halvsies: This Sweet 1979 Star Wars Van On Craiglist

September 16, 2019


This is the Craigslist ad for a sweet-ass Star Wars themed 1979 Dodge "shorty" van. The ad text while I brainstorm how I'm going to buy and modify this sucker into an ice cream truck and sell ALL the ice cream. I guarantee kids will even coming running in the dead of winter for the Star Wars ice cream van. *starts counting imaginary money*

From a galaxy in a garage from far far away....I offer you the ultimate Star Wars van.

Van was designed and built two years after the original movie hit the theaters. The van has mostly been stored for many years. The original graphics are in good shape. The graphics on the hood have some cracking due to being face up to the sun. But I think it adds great character.

The van has in the last few years had a new crate motor installed. 318 I think. Its believed to have very little miles on it.

The van runs and drives, but needs servicing from years of sitting around. This is a 70's original!!!! The body is decent, and the side pipe exhaust is plumbed and real.

The mag wheels are staggered and period correct. The van has a new battery and new carburetor. The door handles were shaved and I can't figure out how to trigger them. So windows down....or crawl through the back currently.

This van is super special. The interior is fair, I wanted to make the inside pop with a starship style high end freshen up, but realized I have too many things going on. Comes with a clear Texas title, I will help load the van onto your hired transport truck. You will NEVER find another. May the force be with you!!!!!

Unfortunately, for those of us still operating on an average 1880's salary, the owner is asking $9,800. That's a lot of Galactic Credits (or handjobs). Still, we have to find a way. I mean, if we don't buy this thing, what are we even doing with our lives? "Nothing." Exactly, just more of the same. "Speak for yourself." I WILL SPEAK FOR THE BOTH OF US. *closing menu* My guest here will have the eggplant parmesan and nothing to drink.

Keep going for a bunch more pics while I speculate if this bucket of bolts will be able to get us past that blockade.












Thanks to Marty L, who didn't offer to go halvsies, although I know in my heart he meant to.

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