Let's Go For A Dip: Massive River Of Lava Flowing On Hawaii

September 30, 2019


Note: Keep your volume in check, high wind.

This is a video from November 2018 of the largest Hawaiian volcanic eruption in over 300 years causing a massive river of lava to flow from a fissure to the ocean. It's really moving.
Some more info while I take my shoes and socks off and just wiggle my around toes in it trying to get a nibble from a lavacarp:

"1,300,000,000 m³ of lava erupted out of the lower east river zone in about two months. As it stabilized into channelized river flows, from the main vent known as fissure eight, massive rivers of lava such as this would run down the land 24 hours a day to the ocean where violent explosions would occur as it met the sea. This river was estimated at 30 feet deep in places and over 100 m wide in certain places as well."

Whoa -- a river of lava 30 feet deep and 100 meters wide?! That...is some serious mixing of measurement systems. Call me oldschool, but I'm a firm believer there's only one proper system for measuring distances. "Metric." What? No -- snakes. "And how long is a snake?" Depends on the snake. "So...." So mine is more than enough to please, thank you very much.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Lucinda, who agrees somebody missed a golden opportunity to skip a rock across that river.

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