Heinz Kranch Saucy Sauce, Pre-Mixed Ranch Dressing And Ketchup

September 30, 2019


This is Kranch Saucy Sauce, a now available pre-made mix of ranch dressing and ketchup from Heinz. Is, uh, is that a combination people actually eat? I don't think I've ever tried it. Also what's up with all these combo sauces anyways? I don't get it. "Says the guy with a bottle of Maychup in his fridge." I stole that from a friend's apartment, it's more of a trophy than anything I'd actually use. "And the bottle in your pantry?" THAT'S MY PENIS. "Pantry, not panties." Dang it, I'm a combo sauce fanatic, it's true.

Thanks to Ash, who agrees combo sauces are the future.

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