Impressive: Fans Faithfully Recreate Need For Speed Video Game In Real Life

September 25, 2019

This is a video from Youtuber Владислав Чекунов, who organized some Need For Speed style races in real life with the help of eighteen different cars and drivers. They really did do a fantastic job, including the car selection and modification screens. Me? I've never been good at racing games because my hand-eye coordination and reflexes suck, which also makes me terrible at driving in the real world. It's relatively cool though, I really only use my car to drive to the grocery store once a week and, much less occasionally than I probably should, to the gym. And usually just to try to cancel my membership before getting smooth-talked out of it by the hunk behind the counter again. He knows I wanna look like him!

Keep going for the video (as well as the original, shorter version) while I make a speedy lap around the office in my computer chair making vroom vroom noises and trying to run over any feet I see.

Thanks to hairless, who

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