I'm Gonna Be Your Neighbor!: Mister Rogers Halloween Costume

September 26, 2019


This is the 'Friendly Neighbor' Halloween costume available from California Costumes on Amazon. $36 gets you a red sweater, two puppets, and a vinyl wig. Of course you could probably make an equally passable Mister Rogers costume yourself for way cheaper with a trip to the thrift store for a sweater, some fabric for the puppets, and a can of grey spray paint. "They do make grey hair spray, you know." Pffft. I mean sure if you don't want it to smell as good or last as long. *pointing with thumb* Can you believe this guy?

Keep going for a closeup while I make a personal promise to myself to not get filmed dressed as Mister Rogers terrorizing kids for their candy.


Thanks to becca b, who agrees if you can't convince your significant other to dress as Mr. McFeely the mailman you're wasting a perfectly good couples costume. FUN FACT: McFeely is actually Fred Rogers' real middle name.

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