Heinz Tests Rotating The Labels On Its Ketchup Bottles So They're Right Side Up When At The Correct Pouring Angle

September 9, 2019

Apparently Heinz is test-marketing rotating the labels on its iconic ketchup bottles so the labels are straight up and down when the bottle is tilted to the perfect pouring angle. But am I still supposed to tap the glass '57' at the base of the neck?! I NEED ANSWERS.

According to Brian Neumann, senior brand manager at Kraft Heinz Canada, the company has long been searching for a way to explain how to best get their product out of the bottle and wanted to be playful about it.

Alternatively, just jam a butter knife up in there like a normal person who doesn't have five minutes to waste for not nearly enough ketchup. Time is money, and I don't have nearly enough of either.

Keep going for a video while I squirt the store-brand community ketchup in the breakroom fridge all over my shirt, then insist I've been stabbed and need to go home early.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees this is exactly what squeeze bottles are for.

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