Good Ideas: Westcott Sniffs Scented Kids Scissors

September 27, 2019


Is, uh, is my nose bleeding?

These are the Westcott Sniffs peppermint scented scissors. I'm not entirely sure when they were first released, but they've since been removed from the company's website. "They look perfect for doing glitter bumps during arts and crafts." I have no clue what that means. However I did do a little internet sleuthing (read: one Google search) and found a 12-unit variety pack (three each of strawberry, orange, grape, blueberry) available at Walmart. So they're still out there. Man, I wonder who came up with this idea and if they still have a job. Obviously, I absolutely can't wait until they also start making scented glue so my coworkers stop looking at me funny. *inhales deeply from bag in desk drawer, gets side-eyed from coworker* God, it's tutti-frutti, Angela, relax.

Keep going for a shot of the variety pack.


Thanks to Angela M, who politely asked if I'd use her name in the article which I did because it's Friday and I'm feeling particularly generous, especially with my cocktail pours.

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