Friday The 13th Jason Mask Desktop Pen Holder

September 9, 2019


This is the $19 Friday The 13th: Splitting Headache Ceramic Pencil Holder available for preorder from Merchoid. The desktop pen and pencil receptacle looks like Jason Voorhees' iconic hockey mask and has eight holes for storing your writing instruments of choice. It also serves as a reminder for coworkers to think twice before asking you a stupid question. "There's no such thing as a stupid question." What are you, a first grade teacher? Of course there is. BONUS FACT: the stupidity of a question is also directly proportional to the annoyingness of the person asking. Take my coworker Greg for example -- he can't even ask a smart question.

Keep going for a few more shots sans pens and pencils.



Thanks to me, for not being afraid to click a suggested product link when writing about a different product. Okay, well usually I am but today I wasn't (I think it's all the Red Bull!).

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