Finally, A Decent USB Powered Kirby Desk Fan

September 10, 2019


This is the Kirby Desk Fan available for import from NCSX ($40, although I saw them going for $33 - $40 on eBay if you're really interested). The 6-inch fan looks like everybody's favorite living vacuum and is powered via USB. That's cool, but $40? It looks like something that should more in the $15 - $20 range. Don't get me wrong, I still bought one, but only because my roommate left his wallet on the sofa after coming home drunk last night. "What is wrong with you?" I wouldn't even know where to begin. "Start at the beginning." So I was born with a devil's smile and the penis of ten mortals...

Keep going for one more shot.


Thanks again to hairless, who tried to tell me he could beat me at Super Smash Bros. playing as Kirby, which I plan on making him prove over a wager of cold ones.

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