Finally, A Conveyor Belt Cheese Bar Opens

September 13, 2019


The Pick & Cheese restaurant in London's West End has just opened a conveyor belt cheese bar featuring plates passing by with "over 25 different cheeses, all sourced from around the UK, each paired with individual condiments & small producer wines." Individual prices range from £2.95 - £6.10 (~$3.70 - $7.60) depending on plate color. You can see a full menu of the cheeses passing by HERE. Now this -- this is an idea I can get behind. Plus I assume it's a great spot to eat before a long car trip or plane flight because you won't have to poop for at least a day. They should really advertise that, that'll get people in the door.

Keep going for a short video of some cheeses passing by.

Thanks to Kristen D, who agrees the best cheese of all time is a tie between Kraft singles, string, and cottage.

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