Demonstration Of Convenience Store's Fog Cannon Deterring A Would-Be Robber

September 24, 2019

This is a some security cam footage from a convenience store in Kaikohe, New Zealand of a machete wielding would-be thief (on Friday the 13th -- clearly channeling his inner Jason Voorhees) finding himself unable to rob the store after an employee activates the store's recently installed anti-theft fog cannon. Hey, when in doubt, hit 'em with a dance party -- that's my motto. *lobs disco ball over cubicle wall like a 3-point hook shot* Of course a real criminal mastermind would have anticipated the fog machine and countered with their own laser light show.

Keep going for the video. Also, the way he assaults those candy bars at the very beginning is pure sociopath.

Thanks to hairless, who wonders if they also have a backup foam party machine in the event the fog wasn't enough.

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