Damn Rich People: $750,000 Fireplaces Made From Petrified Wood

September 17, 2019


This is the $750,000 'Ascendance' line of petrified wood fireplaces created and sold by Metaplace Industries. Each fireplace is unique in its design (all thanks to Mother Nature) and built from the petrified remains of 22-million year old lowland tropical trees belonging to the Dipterocarpaceae family, indigenous to central Indonesia. Each petrified trunk (which won't burn because it's stone now) sits atop a hollow concrete base and is powered by a gas burner below. So, if you were wondering what to get the person who already has everything this winter, the answer is simple: nothing -- take everything they do have and make them start all over to prove they can do it again.

Keep going for a couple more shots, including one of a man who clearly wants you to come back to his place so you can check out his fireplace.



Thanks to v, who agrees as soon as somebody is making a dinosaur bone fireplaces it's time to rage.

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