Custom 6x2 Pickup Truck Can't Even Make Inclined Turn

September 19, 2019

Note: Some colorful commentary from the guy filming.

This is a short video from West Warwick, Rhode Island shot by a man who was "just going about my day when I meet this guy who starts telling me how awesome his 6x6 is, then attempted to make it up a 40ft hill and fails." Apparently the truck is actually only a 6x2 (six wheels, only the back two powered) and he'd just bought it. Just keep spinning and smoking those tires, bro. I actually feel bad, but only for the dog in the backseat that thought it was going to the dog park.

Keep going for the video while cruise by this joker in my monster truck bumping Steppenwolf's 'Born To Be Wild'.

Thanks to Jeffrey S, who agrees he should have opted for the tank tread package instead.

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