Couple Lock Themselves Out Of House, 'Human Ladder' To Upstairs Window Fails Painfully

September 30, 2019


This is a short video of a couple who locked themselves out of their house and decided to try to climb to a second story window to regain access. Unfortunately, their "human ladder" doesn't go according to plan. I put human ladder in quotations because that's what they're calling it but that is not a human ladder. That is a guy climbing on a window awning while the lady below half pays attention and taps on the side of his shoe in what appears to be the least amount of support a person could provide. It was obviously doing something though, because the moment she removes her fingers he eats shit, hard. "A levitation spell perhaps?" Exactly what I was thinking. Hopefully she also knows a get well soon spell but doesn't walk away in the middle of it again.

Keep going for the video while I wonder if he wishes he'd just broken a window instead of his back instead.

Thanks to Alexandra, who agrees when you spot a neighbor doing something stupid, you rush to the window with your phone and get that camera rolling.

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