Cool As A Cucumber: Bar Patron Casually Smokes And Drinks As Armed Man Robs Bar

September 27, 2019

This is some security cam footage from pre-World War II bar Berhmann's Tavern in St. Louis starring beer drinker Tony Tovar, who can't be bothered by a rifle wielding robber (police say it was actually a heavily modified handgun) and goes about his business lighting and smoking his cigarettes and drinking his beer. At one point the robber even tries to take his cell phone, but Tony gives him a strong no and wrestles it away from him, even with the gun pressed between his ribs. It also looks like he had some choice words for him. And by the time the thief comes around collecting wallets he doesn't even bother demanding Tony's because he already knows better. Man, I wish I was more like Tony. "Brave?" Haha, no....just at the bar right now.

Keep going for the video, as well as a worthwhile follow-up interview with Tony about the incident.

Thanks to Luc, who agrees the only thing to fear is fear itself. Plus, you know, getting shot by an armed robber possibly on drugs.

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