Classic: The Ol' Pizza Delivery To A Secret Society Meeting Prank

September 6, 2019

This is an older video from a group of friends hosting a secret society themed birthday party and ordering pizza to see how the delivery guy will react. He reacts pretty chill. Me? I would have just thrown those pizzas inside and made a run for it, only stopping briefly in the driveway to break a car window and steal all the loose change for a tip. I'm just saying, I've seen Eyes Wide Shut before, I know how these meetings end for non-members. "Have you though?" No....I just assumed the guy in the luchador mask was going to bodyslam somebody through the pizzas and table.

Keep going for the video (actual door answer begins around 0:50) while I nod and respect their decision to order four pizzas for like seven or eight people. None of this only two slices each nonsense.

Thanks to Alyssa, who agrees it's all fun and games hosting fake secret society meetings until a real secret society takes offense and decides to make you disappear.

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