Boston Dynamics' Launch Trailer For The Official Start of Sales For Its Spot Quadruped Robots

September 25, 2019

Because when it rains it pours robot apocalypse, Boston Dynamics has just announced it is now accepting orders (website HERE, order form HERE) for the ~1,000 Spot quadruped robots it anticipates it will be able to produce annually. The Spots will be the company's first commercially available robots, and will presumably be purchased entirely by evil villains looking to weaponize them and enslave humanity.

But don't pull out your credit card just yet. Spot may cost as much as a luxury car, and it is not really available to consumers. The initial sale, described as an "early adopter program," is targeting businesses. Boston Dynamics wants to find customers in select industries and help them deploy Spots in real-world scenarios.

Boston Dynamics envisions Spot as a platform: a versatile mobile robot that companies can use to build applications based on their needs. What types of applications? The company says the best way to find out is to put Spot in the hands of as many users as possible and let them develop the applications.

So Boston Dynamics has no clue what a company should even use Spot for. Hey -- you figure it out. Admittedly that's a pretty solid marketing strategy and I'm surprised they didn't teach that when I was getting my business degree. Although looking back they didn't teach me anything useful so I guess I should't be surprised, and they shouldn't be surprised I refuse to pay back my student loans. As far as I'm concerned I was predatorily lent to with the promise of future employment.

Keep going for the launch trailer.

Thanks to my dad, who didn't ask me to buy him one, which is great news because I already owe him an amphibious plane.

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