BMX Biker Hits Fence During Jump, Rolls Away Beautifully

September 12, 2019

This is a video of French BMX rider Justin Fouque clearly forgetting to activate the E.T. in his bike basket and failing to clear a fence during a jump, but rolling away from the crash so smoothly I thought that might have actually been the trick. Impressive. For reference, I never learned how to fall gracefully and broke my arm twice snowboarding and then skateboarding when I was in high school. I couldn't even ollie. "Jesus." I was a sad sack. "Of shit?" I was going to say potato salad. But not the good kind -- the really mustardy one. Or is that the one I like? Whatever, my point is we should have a barbecue before it starts getting too cold.

Keep going for the video, which includes footage of Justin successfully making the jump after the crash clip.

Thanks to Deksam, who agrees sometimes you've just gotta roll with it.

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