An Orange Juicing Kiosk That Juices Oranges, Turns The Peels Into Filament To 3-D Print Cups

September 13, 2019


This is a video of an orange juicing machine developed by Italian design firm Carlo Ratti. The machine has a 1,500 orange capacity, and when it's done juicing the oranges, dries and mills the peels into a bioplastic filament capable of being 3-D printed into cups. Drinking oranges out of oranges, how about that! Remember those old Tropicana commercials that made you believe you could stab a straw directly into an orange. Well I tried that and only broke my straw. Liars! "That was an apple." You shut your mouth. Also this reminds me of when I used to make my own 'orange milkshakes' in middle school by combining orange juice and milk and then chugging it all before it curdled. I might make one tonight.

Keep going for a video demonstration of the machine, which 3-D prints cups with a negative space 'Circular' in the side you can spill juice all over yourself.

Thanks to Andrea, who agrees that's cool, but where's the Orange Julius?

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