A Graph Detailing The Per Episode Cost Of Popular TV Shows

September 11, 2019


This is an infographic created by the folks at On Stride Financial detailing the cost per episode of some of today's most popular television programs (in British Pounds, multiply by about 1.25 for US bucks), as well as their average IMDb ratings. I thought it was pretty interesting, particularly that the cost per episode of The Big Bang Theory is so unusually high for a sitcom, because they were paying all the main actors like a million dollars an episode. Could you imagine? I can't, and I'm GOOD at imagining. Like earlier I was imagining I was a plane and for few minutes I really thought I was one, that's how good I am at it.

keep going for the full, uncut graphic, which also includes a chart of each company's spending.


Thanks to n0nentity, who agrees there must be a lot of money in entertainment. Who knew?

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