319 Pedals: Setting The World Record For Largest Electric Guitar Pedalboard

September 6, 2019


This is a long video of musician Rob Scallon (previously) and the folks at Sweetwater Music assembling the Guinness World Record for largest pedalboard, "made up of 319 unique pedals, all connected in a single audio flow." He starts testing them all around the 17:00 mark, and the video eventually culminates with them all on simultaneously, producing a sound which I'm fairly certain just summoned demons to lay waste to the earth. Or at least I hope it did, because I just emptied my bank account and plan on spending everything this weekend. "You really think you can burn through $180 in a weekend?" I'M GONNA TRY.

Keep going for the video, as well as a timelapse of the pedalboard being assembled.

Thanks again to hairless, who informed me he's a musician, but failed to offer me a place in his band. Your loss bro, we could have sold some serious merch.

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