We're Freeeee!: Dozens Of Air Mattresses Blow Across Park During Strong Winds Before Outdoor Movie

August 20, 2019

Note: Watch your volume, wind.

This is a video captured by Robb Manes prior to a 'movie under the stars' event in the Stapleton neighborhood of Denver, Colorado where everyone's inflatable mattresses decided they wanted to get high too and took off in the high winds. Could you imagine if you were one of those mattresses? That must have been exhilarating. I mean you spend your whole life deflated in a closet, only occasionally being blown up and quietly sexed on by houseguests, then one minute you're free blowing through a field. *sighs sadly* I only hope at least a couple of those mattresses were able to find their way over the rainbow.

Keep going for the full video.

Thanks again to my dad, who agrees somebody should have ridden one of those like a magic carpet.

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