Vroom Vroom!: The World's Fastest Shed Runs The 1/4 Mile

August 29, 2019


This is a video of 'The World's Fastest Shed' running the quarter-mile at the Santa Pod raceway in Bedfordshire, England. Some more info about the vehicle and race while I sneak around back to make sure they haven't stolen any of my lawn care equipment. I know I'm missing at least one shovel and a hedge trimmer:

Despite a 30mph head wind, he still came out on the Saturday for a run up the strip, and put in a time of 15.49 @ 86mph, beating a surprised Vauxhall Astra in the other lane, who ran a 16.03 @ 85mph. Kevin's PB in the shed is a 14.6. The Shed is built around a 1999 Volkswagen Passat B5. It has had a 4.2l V8 Audi RS4 B7 engine squeezed in there, along with the Quattro AWD running gear. MRC Tuning sorted out a Stage 2 tune, and the shed is now putting out about 450bhp. Its current top speed was achieved last year at the Elvington Standing Mile Event, with a time of 112.68mph !!

Man, how crazy would it be if you were having a casual Saturday morning cup of coffee on your patio and all of a sudden you saw this thing take off from the tree line of your neighbor's backyard? Would you rub your eyes in disbelief? Would you rub-- "I'm not rubbing your back." I HAVE KNOTS.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to cjcjcjcjcj, who can't wait to see the world's fastest deck run the quarter-mile.

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