Two Girls Recreate Homer Simpson's New Orleans Culinary Binge In Real Life

August 30, 2019

This is a video of Swiss tourists Janine Wiget and Katrin von Niederhäusern recreating Homer Simpson's culinary binge across New Orleans from Season 29, Episode 17 'Lisa Gets The Blues' in real life. I'll be honest -- I just ate lunch, and now I'm hungry again. "You're always hungry." I'M A GROWING BOY, MOM. "No, you're a grown man with a sedentary lifestyle." Whatever *wheezes reaching for Zapp's potato chips* you're not my doctor. "But I am quoting him." I don't trust Dr. Stevens. One time when he was listening to my heart and said it whispered 'I'm gonna attack.'

Keep going for the video (as well as a full-res version of the original cartoon), although you can read an in-depth article about the planning and execution of the video (which they shot entirely in seven days, visiting a total of 54 restaurants) HERE.

Thanks to Cyndi M, Luc and MDM, who agree that looked delicious.

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