This Message Will Self Destruct In Five Seconds: Scientists Develop Polymers That Rapidly Disintegrate In Sunlight

August 27, 2019

Developed for the Department Of Defense, researchers at the Georgia Institute Of Technology have developed rigid polymers that disintegrate within minutes when exposed to the UV rays of the sun. Some more info while I register

The material has been made into a rigid-winged glider and a nylon-like parachute fabric for airborne delivery across distances of a hundred miles or more. It could also be used someday in building materials or environmental sensors.

"This is not the kind of thing that slowly degrades over a year, like the biodegradable plastics that consumers might be familiar with," says Paul Kohl, Ph.D., whose team developed the material. "This polymer disappears in an instant when you push a button to trigger an internal mechanism or the sun hits it." The disappearing polymers were developed for the Department of Defense, which is interested in deploying electronic sensors and delivery vehicles that leave no trace of their existence after use, thus avoiding discovery and alleviating the need for device recovery.

The future, ladies and gentlemen! Apparently it all centers around developing better war machines. I guess on the bright side at least we'll have real life Autobots soon to defend us from the Decepticons. Or are we the Decepticons? Dum dum dum! GET THE PLASTIC OUT OF THE OCEANS.

Keep going for a video of the polymers doing their thing.

Thanks to my dad, who agrees this is going to give the ol' melting icicle a run for its money as the perfect murder weapon.

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