They Are Among Us: A Fleet Of UFOs Spotted In Wyoming

August 29, 2019

"My camera sucks."

This is a video shot by Casper, Wyoming resident Bradley Ries of a small fleet of UFOs moving across the night sky. The brief commentary between he and his wife and kid is definitely value add too. Now remember: UFO stands for unidentified flying objects, that doesn't mean these are alien spaceships, although they 100% are, no questions. Per some Youtube commenters:

Cupcakes and Sunshine

One morning about two years ago I saw six of those orbs. As I drove closer to them, they appeared to morph into silvery birds of some sort. True story. And no I don't drink or do drugs and am very much sane.

Coody Caster

I just call them orbs.I have been watching them for about three years in the daytime out here in N.M. My opinion at this point is that they are alive and possibly from here and maybe not from somewhere else.

Some very powerful insight. Also I like how Youtuber Cupcakes and Sunshine felt the need to point out that they don't drink or do drugs and are very much sane. That's one of the tell-tale signs of a crazy person. So -- what are they? Aliens? Government drones? Aliens? "You already said that." Aliens? "You--" ALIENS.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to MR SQUIBB, who agrees aliens are among us, and there's no way they like what they see.

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