The New Lion King Deepfaked With More Cartoony Looking Characters

August 13, 2019

This is a short video of clips from the new Lion King trailer that was deepfaked with more cartoony looking character faces. Now granted I haven't seen the new Lion King, but rest assured I will as soon as it comes to the theater that serves beer right to your seat. Will the ticket ripper recognize me and enforce my theater ban? "Depends on how good your disguise works." Exactly. Fingers crossed he never pegged me for a cardboard robot.

Keep going for the video.

  • Mr. Bones

    nostalgia is toxic.

  • Arem Rae

    This just defeats the purpose to me and ends up looking nostalgically interesting but functionally just weird. If you ignore the nostalgia factor, it just looks wrong. It's a nice try, but the style itself just doesn't lend to the cartoonish features very well overall.

  • So funny when studios spend millions and someone with a few hours and a $500 rig makes what a decent majority seems to think is an improvement. I'm on the fence. At least this isn't as bad as that sonic the hedgehog abomination or the superman mustache-gate, both of which were easily improved by people after millions were already spent to make them look like shit.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Jesus ear-raping christ! Hit the mute button.

  • Nosaj Canuck


    Is that better?

  • GeneralDisorder


  • Nosaj Canuck


  • spikedeclue

    This is a clear improvement.

  • D3Fd0ck

    Thats how the movie should of looked in the first place

  • Draco Basileus

    Scar actually looks pretty bad ass.

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