The Cat Selfie, A Clip-On Bell Attachment For Smartphones To Get Your Cat's Attention For Selfies

August 15, 2019


In other cat news, this is the Cat Selfie available from "British novelty company" Bubblegum Stuff. It's a £12 [~$15] plastic clip-on attachment for smartphones that has a little bell in the middle to grab your cat's attention for taking selfies. Simple enough. Of course if you're taking so many cat selfies that you need a $15 clip-on smartphone attachment to take even better ones, it may be time to put the smartphone down and dust off that old online dating profile. "You bought one, didn't you, GW?" No, I bought two -- one for home, one to put on my keychain for when I visit friends with cats or meet a friendly stray. My Instagram is about to be nuts.

Keep going for a couple more pictures because they exist and I'm just passing the time until my buddy Dave finishes up whatever the hell he's working on so we can go to Taco Bell for lunch.



Thanks to Laura I, who agrees cats are weird and beautiful creatures.

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