So, We've Come To This: University To Offer Diploma Program In Becoming A Social Media Influencer

August 26, 2019


Because this is the world we live in, the Mohammed bin Rashid School for Communication at the American University in Dubai will now offer "a full-time diploma course in being a social media influencer." Some more info while I apply for student loans because crippling debt and no means of paying it off is a fun thing to live with. I like challenging myself:

Ali Jaber, Dean of the MBRSC, highlighted the importance of the program saying," The program was developed by an elite group of university professors with different specialisations in media, strategic communications, journalism, and media innovation. It will cover all aspects of social media through six courses."

Simple as that, six courses and you're ready to start influencing. Obviously, I assume the first thing they teach you is at the heart of every social media influencer is a sociopath who likes to project that their life is much more alluring than it actually is. "Do you even know what social media influencing is?" No I do not. That said, I will be earning this diploma, and I will be influencing you all to buy the brand of weight loss tea I was paid to promote. "Is this poison ivy?" Hey, there's no better way to lose weight than a deathly illness. *puts hand-phone up to ear* Call me.

Thanks to v, who informed me that adding 'easily influenced' to the personal strengths portion of my application does not make me look like a better candidate for the program.

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