Salmon Cannon Video Gets Luigi Voiceover Treatment

August 15, 2019

Remember the video of the salmon cannon we posted back in 2014? It was designed to blast as many as 40 salmon a minute over dams and other obstacles at up to 22MPH so they can return to their spawning grounds then bone like crazy till they die (sounds like a dream, doesn't it?). Well somebody went and added some Luigi audio to a demonstrative video of the cannon to liven things up a bit. "It's a video of salmon blasting through a cannon, it really doesn't need to be livened up any more." And normally I'd agree with you, but just like my girlfriend gets sometimes, I'm committed to being combative today. *phone rings* Dammit, why do I do keep doing this to myself? "You're a rebel without a cause, GW." Well I'm about to be a rebel without a penis if I keep it up.

Keep going for the videos (the second with the Luigi audio).

Thanks to Closet Nerd, who agrees now that looks like a water park ride worth riding.

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