Real Products That Exist: A Pokemon Go Automatic Poke Ball Swinger That Earns 7,000 Steps/Hour

August 9, 2019


This is the Poke Ball Plus/Pokemon Go Pedometer Step Counter sold by Orzero on Amazon. It swings a Pokemon Go Poke Ball Plus or Go pedometer wristband (and most smartphones/smartwatches) to log up to 7,000 steps an hour so you don't have to. The $20 unit is powered via USB or battery and is the perfect accessory to help you keep catching 'em all since you're sick and bedridden. I mean you ARE sick and bedridden, right? "No, I just--" *slaps Poke Ball out of hand* What's the matter with you?!

Keep going for a couple more shots of the not a sex toy.




Thanks to Closet Nerd, who agrees alternatively, make friends with The Flash and get him to carry your Poke Ball for like a fraction of a second.

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