Real Products That Exist: A Guitar Effects Pedal Built Into A Toy Batmobile

August 14, 2019


This is one of the Dark Knight distortion pedals modded by Vinyl Ventures and available for preorder from Reverb. The $170 Batmobile pedal is limited to an edition of 100, are made from officially licensed 1:24 scale die-cast Batmobile toy cars (based on the one from the 1990's animated series) by Jada, and have ProCo RAT2 distortions pedal inside. Plus some sweet-ass light effects. Pretty cool, but do you think one would be able withstand all the heavy stomping with just how hard I rock out when I'm up on stage? I mean I rock out pretty hard. "How hard exactly?" One time I lost a contact. "Wow, so metal." TRYING TO SWORD-SWALLOW MY ENTIRE GUITAR. "Whoa!" I still haven't passed my mic stand and I'm starting to get worried.

Keep going for several more shots.






Thanks again to hairless, who agrees this will be perfect for any of you superhero themed bands out there.

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