Prom, Here I Come!: A Stretched Tank Limo

August 1, 2019


Because if you're not gonna show up in style, why show up at all, this is a video tour of what is allegedly (and probably) the world's only stretched tank limo, created by welding two tanks together to create the second awesomest way to show up to an event, behind a stretched monster truck. Some more info while I call for availability and verify they'll accept a roommate's credit card for payment:

THE WORLD'S only stretched tracked vehicle - the incredible "tank limo" - has been built by wielding two tanks together. The incredible vehicle was designed by Nick Mead, the owner of the tank driving experience company Tanks A Lot, based in Northamptonshire, UK, with the help of welder extraordinaire Nigel Smith. They designed the vehicle by welding together two former British Army FV432 APC personnel carriers with an original two-man turret of the FV432 used in the Berlin Brigade. The vehicle can fit up to 10 people and is ideal for arriving in style at film premieres, stag and hen parties, and even weddings. And the 22foot long, 17 ton vehicle is in massive demand, despite hire charges starting at £1600 [~$1,940] a day.

Could you imagine showing up somewhere in that thing? Just busting through a wall Kool-Aid Man style and popping out of the hatch. Will I flash my boobs?! "When do you not?" WHEN DO I NOT? It's called an entrance, I know how to make them.

Keep going for a shot of the interior (wait -- where's the bar and color changing ceiling lights?) and the video while I call back to verify the limo driver is willing to run over parked cars for a small tip.


Thanks to v, who agrees even if you go to the dance stag, you definitely won't be leaving stag when you have a tank limo.

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