Oh Wah Ah Ah Ah!: Karaoke Compilation Of People Singing The Intro To 'Down With The Sickness'

August 29, 2019


Note: Keep your volume in check, oh wah ah ah ahs.

This is an older video that I somehow missed on my tireless trek across the internet of a bunch of karaoke singers who should have definitely picked a different song trying to perform the "Oh wah ah ah ah!" at the beginning of Disturb's 'Down With The Sickness'. It's funny, I showed this video to my girlfriend last night and she said she'd never heard the song before. I told her it was probably because she doesn't spend enough time in strip clubs like I've been whenever I tell her I'm going over to Dave's for poker night. I assume she heeded my advice too because five minutes later I heard the front door slam and her car start. "She left you, GW." Hmm, I was wondering how I was able to starfish the whole bed last night.

Keep going for the video, as well as the original song for reference.

Thanks to Alex, who agrees it sucks they didn't include the two double coughs after the oh wah ah ah ahs. Those would have probably been equally horrible.

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