Oh Dang: These Fancy Pants Double-Layered D20 Dice

August 29, 2019


These are the double-layered D20 dice designed and sold by Shapeways seller Majestic Trinkets. Available in printed brass ($82 apiece) and silver ($158 apiece), the design was "mathematically balanced in CAD software design to ensure that the die is centered and fair." Fair? I don't want fair, I want to cheat! Some more info while I roll for sneak so I can leave work early:

A 'clean' roll where the inner die settles with the outer die may not happen with every roll. When rolling on a flat surface, like a table or dice tray, it settles roughly 40% of the time. When rolling with a dice tower, it settles roughly 70% of the time. If it did not settle, give it a little shimmy on the surface it's laying and it should settle.

Care has been taken to minimize points and corners; however, it is recommended that all metal-printed dice be rolled in a dice tray or on a surface such as a notebook. Damage may occur to wooden tables.

Pretty neat. Also, if you couldn't tell I rolled a measly 2 for my sneak ability and ran into the water cooler trying to make it to the stairs undetected. Then my boss dumped a pile of paperwork on my desk so it looks like I'm going to be burning the midnight oil at the office tonight. "You should use it to set the building on fire." Goshdang, I like the way you think! You know why? "It's the same way you think." Are we identical twins? "Maybe, you ever trip over your own penis?" OMG, ALL THE TIME. Why do you think I ran into the water cooler?!

Keep going for a couple more shots and a video demo of a die being rolled down a tower.




Thanks to Josh J, who agrees if they see you rollin' one of these, they're definitely gonna be hatin'.

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