Now You're Talking: A Homemade Slip-And-Slide With A 360-Degree Loop

August 27, 2019

These are three videos (the second is a first-person POV, the third is slow motion) of a slip-and-slide constructed at the Sørbråten Farm in Oslo, Norway with a full 360-degree loop in the middle that riders pass through before continuing on their journey and getting launched into a pool down below. I like how they have that wooden palette in the middle of the loop with two mattresses on it, that makes me feel safe. And by safe I mean like I'm about to get real used to operating an electric wheelchair. *throws self down slide upside-down and backwards* YOLO.

Keep going for the videos, although you can find even more at this Instagram page (scroll down).

Thanks to Johnny J, who agrees the jump at the end should be angled to one side for max barrel rollage.

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