Informative: Mustard Expert Guessing Which Of Two Mustards Is The More Expensive

August 5, 2019


"I can literally sit here and eat this whole thing." -- Brandon Collins, mustard expert

This is a video of mustard expert Brandon Collins guessing the more expensive of two different mustards presented to him based on a visual analysis, taste test, and whatever the hell else mustard experts use to determine what's Grey Poupon and what's French's. He performs the test four different times for yellow, Dijon, whole grain, and spicy brown mustards with an impressive 4/4 correct answers. I don't know why, but I love these experts that are so passionate about something like mustard. You know, I was just thinking this past weekend that I need more passion in my life. "That explains the Tic-Tac container full of boner pills." I also had five dozen raw oysters for lunch. "Oh wow." This very well could be the the most passionate night of my life! "Or four hours of diarehha." But hopefully not both.

Keep going for the inspiring video.

Thanks to Matty D, who only eats mustard gas because he's that hardcore.

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