Man With Television For Head Leaves Over 50 Old Televisions On Porches In Virginia

August 15, 2019


A man wearing a custom television helmet (presumably a member of Daft Punk) has left over 50 old TVs on porches in Henricho County, Virginia under the cover of darkness. Several of his special deliveries were caught on home security cameras, but the man has not been identified and police suspect it's just a prank and that all the televisions (which have already been rounded up by authorities) will not turn on simultaneously and start broadcasting Television Head's list of demands or he'll destroy all TV streaming services. As one of the news anchors in the video clip concludes, "It's somebody's art project or something, watch -- it'll show up in a museum." Sherlock Holmes, ladies and gentlemen! It'll show up in a museum.

Keep going for a short video news report which includes footage a few of the deliveries.

Thanks to K Diddie and MSA, who agrees if you want to find this man, you should start looking at used television repair shops.

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