LOL: Man Carrying Food Trips, Spills Perfectly On Laptop

August 15, 2019

This is some Nest home security cam footage of some poor unfortunate soul who just made himself some food (cereal? New England clam chowder?), and while trying to step over the baby gate in the kitchen catches his foot on the wall and perfectly spills his food on his laptop, which immediately initiates a self-destruct sequence. I like that little whatever the opposite of a victory lap is that he does around the sofa -- that's how you know he's in pure panic mode and his brain isn't working, which SAD FACT: is basically where I live the entirety my life.

Keep going for the higher quality video.

Thanks to Carmen, who agrees when in doubt, do a lap around the couch.

  • Soen

    I'm just here to say... FAAAAAKEEEE

  • jimmycleaver

    Always have a blow dryer handy and close by, it's not just used for hair and insulating you know.

  • nik

    Tell me about it.. I remember those freezing cold days with no heating when we used the hairdryer to heat up the bed under the covers and still felt cold...

  • Nicholas Conrad

    I've put a few laptops and phones in the oven on the lowest setting wrapped in a towel. A shame nothing has removable batteries any more, no way you're going to dry something out before it shorts these days.... of course, things are finally getting water proof, so that's nice.

  • Douchy McDouche

    Yes, it works wonders when your face gets cold.

  • Ed

    Also handy for warming up dead mice for snake food.

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