Limited Edition $52,000 Godzilla Electric Guitars

August 8, 2019


This is the ¥5,550,000 [~$52,350] plus 10% consumption task limited edition Godzilla electric guitar available from the Godzilla Store. The guitar was designed by Japanese rock band Alfee member Takamizawa Toshihiko and manufactured by ESP. Some more info while I start saving my money for the inevitable Gamera electric guitar:

According to Neo-Tokyo 2099, the model was created with the support of Toho--the studio behind Godzilla--and was designed to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the movie monster. Features include an alder body, a three-piece hard maple neck and an ebony fingerboard. There's also a Floyd Rose bridge, Gotoh tuners and a single EMG-85 pickup.

The guitar also has embedded purple LEDs that make the body and fingerboard glow when the switch on Godzilla's left foot is activated. That's cool. $52,000 cool though? Of course not. For $52,000 I expect my Godzilla guitar to stomp right out of my hands and stage-dive into the audience during every live performance. No, I'm afraid I wouldn't pay more than $6,000 for this guitar, and only then if I was really drunk on eBay again and mistook it for a dragon motorcycle.

Keep going for several more shots of the city destroying guitar.








Thanks to hairless, who agrees how the hell are gonna make a $52,000 Godzilla guitar that doesn't spew an atomic heat beam from the mouth? I mean what are you really paying for?

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