Like Sailing Through Land: Video Of A Boat Traveling Through A Massive Pumice Raft

August 27, 2019

This is a video from Shannon Lenz, who on August 9th, "sailed through a pumice field for 6-8 hours, much of the time there was no visible water. It was like ploughing through a field. We figured the pumice was at least 6-inches thick." That is nuts. Apparently the volcanic rock raft which "is as large as 20,000 football fields, is currently floating towards Australia." What is it going to do when it gets to Australia? Hopefully turn right around and come back my way so it can scrub my feet! Get it? "Because your feet are disgusting." The lady at the nail spa said she wouldn't give me a pedicure for less than a thousand bucks. A thousand bucks! Plus one time I did one of those dead-skin-eating-fish pedicures and a guy tried to charge me for all the fish that died. "You were at Petco." I NEEDED KITTY LITTER.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks again to DT, who agrees somebody should have at least done a cannonball into it for scientific purposes.

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