It Will Be Mine: Olive Garden Selling $500 Lifetime Unlimited Pasta Passes To 50 Lucky Buyers

August 14, 2019


Beginning tomorrow, August 15th at 2:00PM Eastern, Olive Garden will be breaking the internet by selling 24,000 unlimited Pasta Passes for $100. That particular pass is good for nine weeks from 9/23/2019 -11/24/2019 for unlimited pasta, sauces and toppings, as well as soup or salad and breadsticks (dine-in only, not valid online or to-go orders). But the first fifty of those lucky purchasers will be given the option to upgrade to a LIFETIME pass for an additional $400. Wow wow wow! I can't believe I'm even telling you this because I know I'm diluting my chances. But even if I don't make it into the first fifty you can bet your spaghetti-loving ass I'm going to buy somebody's on eBay because even if it sells for a million dollars I'll still get my money's worth, or explode in a cloud of marinara and half-chewed meatballs trying.

Thanks to Bret, who agrees choosing what's for dinner is easy when you've got an Olive Garden Pasta Pass burning a hole in your pocket and butt cheek.

  • Why not just buy these and give them out to the homeless? For 2.5 million, we could feed 24 thousand people for three months. Or half the people that are sitting in ice detention centers every day. Seems like a bargain.

  • D3Fd0ck

    So this is why my stocks just rose slightly.

  • WhatsupDoc

    I tried to get the $100 "unlimited till November" membership last year... waited for an hour before they started selling... refreshing my browser on my PC and my phone to try and increase my odds... the moment the switch flipped... I'm talking just seconds..... they were sold out and I was put on a waiting list 50 deep.... stayed online hoping to get bumped up but it never happened.. it was actually probably a good thing. That much pasta can't be healthy... LOL

  • James Mcelroy

    Damnit GW, you're diluting MY chances too!

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