It Will Be Mine: Olive Garden Selling $500 Lifetime Unlimited Pasta Passes To 50 Lucky Buyers

August 14, 2019


Beginning tomorrow, August 15th at 2:00PM Eastern, Olive Garden will be breaking the internet by selling 24,000 unlimited Pasta Passes for $100. That particular pass is good for nine weeks from 9/23/2019 -11/24/2019 for unlimited pasta, sauces and toppings, as well as soup or salad and breadsticks (dine-in only, not valid online or to-go orders). But the first fifty of those lucky purchasers will be given the option to upgrade to a LIFETIME pass for an additional $400. Wow wow wow! I can't believe I'm even telling you this because I know I'm diluting my chances. But even if I don't make it into the first fifty you can bet your spaghetti-loving ass I'm going to buy somebody's on eBay because even if it sells for a million dollars I'll still get my money's worth, or explode in a cloud of marinara and half-chewed meatballs trying.

Thanks to Bret, who agrees choosing what's for dinner is easy when you've got an Olive Garden Pasta Pass burning a hole in your pocket and butt cheek.

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