Holy Smokes!: Kid Gets Superbounced On Backyard Trampoline, Does Sextuple Backflip

August 14, 2019

This is a video of young Swiss flip fanatic Ernest Brenchley getting superbounced almost to the moon on a backyard trampoline and performing a sextuple backflip. My mom would kill me if she ever saw me trying that. I didn't even have a trampoline growing up, just a chalk circle drawn on the driveway I was allowed to jump around in. I also included another video of Ernest using the same technique to perform a septuple (seven rotation) backflip in an indoor bounce gym. Obviously, this kid should just quit school now and become a circus performer before he seriously injures himself not making any money and can't anymore.

Keep going for the videos what the hell happens if something goes wrong. WHERE ARE ALL YOUR PARENTS?!

Thanks to DT, who agrees it's nice to see friends working together instead of just constantly trying to steal your bounces.

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