Guy On Electric One-Wheel Skateboard Thing Eats It, Breaks His Case Of Beer

August 22, 2019

This is a video of a cool dude cruising on one of those electric one-wheeled skateboard things when he hits a pothole or maybe just sucks at one-wheeled skateboarding and eats it, smashing the case of beer he was carrying. Always heartbreaking to see. *pours one out for all the lost homies* "Hey that's my coffee!" Well I'm certainly not wasting my liquor drink before a staff meeting, Greg.

Keep going for the video (but you really aren't missing anything but the dude getting laughed at), while I calculate just how fast that nothing came out of nowhere causing him to crash.

Thanks to Adrien, who agrees somebody needs to invest in a large backpack like a normal person who doesn't have a license but has to get beer home somehow.

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