Gone In Thirty Seconds: Doorbell Cam Footage Of Thieves Stealing A Tesla Using Keyless Hack

August 26, 2019

This is some Ring doorbell cam footage of two thieves using a keyless hack to steal a ~$110,000 Tesla from a driveway in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England in about thirty seconds. Some more info about how the hack so you can start stealing cars yourself (Bring me a monster truck!):

Keyless vehicle systems use a simple process: fobs emit a short-range "friendly" radio signal that carries only a few yards. When the associated vehicle is close by (usually within a few metres), the car recognises the signal unlocks its doors. The same process is used for the ignition on cars with start buttons; the fob signal usually needs to be inside the car itself.

Using relay system, key jamming and other hacks, thieves gain nearly immediate access to keyless vehicles.

Experts say there are several ways to protect your car from potential theft: deactivating your key fob, keep keys away from doors and windows, or purchasing a wheel lock so that the car cannot be driven even if a thief managed to break into it.

That's right, the experts suggest if you don't want your car stolen you should deactivate your key fob and get a wheel lock. What is this, the 1800's? You might as well just ride a horse. Wait -- where's my horse?! "You left it at the bar." That's right, because I'm RESPONSIBLE. Wait, which bar?

Keep going for the video while I Uber back to Hoofy.

Thanks to Jeffrey S, who agrees Nic Cage could have done it in ten seconds.

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