Finally, A Quality Computer Mouse With A Real Spider Mounted In Acrylic Inside

August 12, 2019


This is the Spider Mouse (with requisite glow in the dark background) available from Real Bug (also available in scorpion, millipede, and various other creepy crawly varieties). Each $18 optical USB mouse includes a real spider mounted in acrylic inside. Obviously, it's the perfect mouse to let coworkers know they should probably choose somebody else to make small talk with. Still, you know what would be even cooler than a mouse with a spider inside? A mouse with a MOUSE BALL inside. I miss those old mice. You know what my favorite part of them was? "The feel of the ball rolling against the back of your teeth when you were cleaning it." It's the little things, you know?

Thanks to my dad, who apparently decided to send some tips as birthday presents today, which I tore open like

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