Finally, A Decent Portable Bidet Sprayer For Cleaning Yourself, Wherever You Are

August 9, 2019


This is the Indiegogo campaign for the already heavily funded Sonny personal bidet (weird name for a bidet). The $100 device ($140 retail) provides the perfect on-the-go solution to blasting your ass clean after using a public restroom. Some more info while I swing mine around like a lightsaber and spray coworkers:

Beautiful design meets premium construction in a portable bidet that you can take everywhere! Developed for the healthy, hygiene-conscious and environmentally aware lifestyle, Sonny helps reduce your environmental burden while increasing your personal cleanliness. Elevate your bathroom routine for an effective, intimate, refreshing cleanse.

No Installation
3 Weeks of Use per Charge
Save 1,739 Gallons of Water per Year from being Used to Make Toilet Paper
Antibacterial, Interchangeable Nozzle Head
Normal and High-Pressure Spray Settings

Granted, portable bidets have already existed for quite some time in the form of pistol style Super Soakers. And if you pump them up enough those things are POWERFUL. They'll blast your ass clean and pressure wash the last two digits of the number you're supposed to call for a good time right off the stall wall. Unrelated *showing picture on phone* does this look like a 91 or 47 to you?

Keep going for their launch video, which does include some worthwhile footage of trying to wipe peanut butter off a bagel at 1:00 as a stand-in for a muddy butt.

Thanks to DT, who agrees by scooping your hand just right you can turn any regular sink into a bidet.

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