Finally, A Cereal Bowl That Amplifies The Sound Of Rice Krispies Snapping, Crackling, And Popping

August 29, 2019


This is a video demonstration of the 'Snap Crack and Pop Amplifier Cereal Bowl' created by Dominic Wilcox. It consists of a plastic bowl with integrated microphone, amplifier and volume control knob so you can turn your Rice Krispies up to 11 then tear the knob off as your mind blissfully dissolves in snap, crackle, and popping ecstasy. Personally, I like some sliced strawberries in my Rice Krispies. "Fascinating." Blueberries are good too. "Nobody cares." But I'll settle for a banana. "Make your own damn cereal." Mom!

keep going for the video, which really gets popping after the ten second mark.

Thanks again to Josh J, who agrees if you can't hear your cereal, how are you supposed to know what those Krispies' last words were? Food for thought.

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